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Services - Jason Deans + Associates

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu


Government relations is an increasingly vital part of business strategy that is sometimes overlooked by even the most politically inclined business owners. Businesses often have an attorney and accountant on staff or within arms reach but neglect the opportunity to work with legislative decision makers to ensure laws and policies coming down from any level of government are effective and encourage growth and stability.

An organized and consistent government affairs strategy is an essential part of today’s business plan and presents a tremendous advantage to those who employ this opportunity. When you allow yourself the opportunity to educate and communicate with legislators and leaders making the laws that regulate and govern your industry, you not only offer an opportunity to strengthen your business but strengthen your industry and community as well.

Whether maintaining the discreet but valuable service of legislative monitoring or implementing a full-scale lobbying effort on a particular issue or bill, engagement at the necessary levels of government will allow you the opportunity to engage in discussions on issues that will affect your bottom line and the health of your business, customers, employees, industry and community.

  • Legislative Monitoring
  • Direct Lobbying
  • Issue Advocacy
  • Government Procurement
  • Association Management
  • Media Relations
  • Public Opinion Research