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Why JD+A - Jason Deans + Associates
Why JD+A

“Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.”
– Abraham Lincoln

Why JD+A

The team at Jason Deans + Associates has been in the trenches of local, state and national campaigns and bring the must-win, high-impact strategies and tactics of the campaign world to their work advocating on behalf of businesses, associations and governments. We work with corporations, small businesses, trade associations and local governments to deliver unified public relations, government relations and public opinion strategies in order to make measurable impacts on the bottom line and ensure stable and fair regulatory and policy environments for our clients.

We know that whether the deck is stacked for you or against you, anything can happen and we work with our clients to maintain ongoing offensive strategies while being prepared to go on the defensive at any time. We also know what it’s like to dive in front of a moving train and slow it down when no one thought it was possible. We don’t take anything for granted and are ready for anything.

Our approach is simple, expect the unexpected. We work with clients to create a comprehensive and unified plan of action on both an offensive and defensive level so we can lay groundwork for existing and future known and unknown objectives while simultaneously pursuing immediate needs.

We maintain our personal credibility and integrity at all times in order to offer the best reputation management and success for our clients.

Each service area provided by Jason Deans + Associates can offer a complete package for a client or can be combined for a large government affairs, public relations and advocacy strategy offering extensive and far-reaching impacts.